Through these two words I measure the distance between Me and me. Everything I’d want dangerously resembles all those thing that make me feel inadequate, unprepared, lost.

‘Fear and Desire’ was born not to fill this gap, which is for nature unbridgeable, but al least to name it, to face it and, whatever the cost, to smile about it. 
On stage the actors without any dancing experience dance their life, their shyness, their tremble.
They dance because they need to.
To capture the vulnerability of the artistic act and of those who are acting it.
To celebrate the human imperfection, the struggle towards beauty, the courage of a  moment of pure joy.
‘Fear and Desire’ is getting up and indulge in a dance.
It seemed to me the most authentic way to represent our life, in which we find ourselves dancing but we never really know the steps…
                                                                                                                Gaia Saitta, Director