The origin

Twelve years ago Gaia Saitta, actress and director, meets for the first time Julie Anne Stanzak, dancer and choreographer. What brings them together is the desire to find trough physical language a common space of research.

The first attempt to combine elements of their personal work takes us back to two years ago.

A group of actors from different nationalities, languages and artistic backgrounds meet for the first time to dance together.

Exposed to their dance the actors on stage find again a space for vulnerability which was almost forgotten.

Thanks to the slip language and the disorientation that comes from it the presence, courage and life of the stage proposals and suggestions become surprisingly free and go there where words are not enough, or simply not needed.

The truth of this newly born language takes everyone of us back to an inner self which is more fragile and more authentic. Our dance is filled with some sort of grace. Reveals itself as human, personal, unexpected. Reveals itself as beautiful.

Our project is born, Fear and Desire.

And so is our company, IfHuman.